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Scented in our Bite Me! Fragrance scent - citrus, berries, vanillacitrus, berries,
Soy Candles Halloween Theme
Scented in Black Raspberry Vanilla
Scent - Dragon's Blood
Our Eye of Newt scented in A Love Spell
Scented in our Midnight Romance - bergamont with blends of violets, balsam  fir, jasmine and musk
Soy Candles Halloween Theme
 Salem's Lot is scented in our Twigs n Berries - jasmine, rose geraniums , oakmoss -
Apple Jack Peel - Strong Apple , Peel and Spices
Stench of Witch - in our Patchouli
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - in our Witches Bew, A smokey woody sweetness of balsamic resins and patchouli

Soy Candles Halloween Theme

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  • Our candles are always 100% soy wax.
  • Slick looking black matte jar with bamboo lid.
  • Each label created here in a spooky Halloween theme!
  • 7oz. soy wax
  • 30 hour burn time