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Learn About Gibson's Herbal Gatherings and Their Product Quality

Hi, my name is Toni Gibson. I am the founder and candlemaker of Gibson's Herbal Gatherings. We started our business in 2010 in a small shop in my backyard built by my husband, sons and nephew.

We began as an herbal shop. I started researching candles online at the request of my daughter-in-law. Not finding any high quality candles that I wanted to carry, I began to develop my own.

My journey began after extensive research. I knew I wanted to use natural, 100% American grown and produced soy wax. I found a local company that currently carries 90% of our ingredients.

When blending my high quality oils and colorants with the 100% local soy wax, the result is a slight discoloration in the candle. This discoloration is a natural occurring effect the industry calls the "Bloom".

A Bloom is only achieved when 100% soy wax is used and not blended with other petroleum based blends of wax. Gibson's Herbal Gatherings uses fragrances free of Dibutyl Phthalate, and 100% natural hemp wicks.

Gibson's candles and melt tarts are hand poured, hand crafted, and made to order. With these qualities you as the customer know you will be getting the freshest scent available. The turn around on some hand crafted items may take up to two weeks.