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Elderberry Syrup Kit With Natural Local Honey

Elderberry Syrup Kit With Natural Local Honey

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Elderberry medicine syrup is a staple for many natural households because it is one of the best herbs for promoting overall wellness and providing immune support.

It helps fight colds, flu, and coughs with this natural remedy. It contains all the ingredients to make this warm soothing syrup. 

Natural Honey made in local beehives on Gibsons Herbal Gatherings property in Collins, Ohio. 

Your Kit includes premeasured ingredients, Easy directions and a free label for your jar.

  • Local honey helps with seasonal allergies. ...
  • Local honey reduces the lifespan of colds. ...
  • Local honey is a natural antiseptic. ...
  • Local honey helps tame the stomach flu ...
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*The product is not recommended for individuals with an auto-immune disease. Please consult a doctor before consuming.